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Level Editor is irrlicht based application used for making game levels/maps.

There are tutorials for each functionality covering topics from simple to advanced ones.
Programming topics are not covered in these tutorials, programming tutorials will be written after release version 1.0 (all functionality implemented).

Tutorial 1: Basic Map

Teaches basics in creating maps. In this tutorial you create simple map with static objects, learn to navigate around, save the map, and finally start game example to load your map.

Tutorial 2: Chest Full of Treasure.

In this tutorial pickable items are added to containers (chests, barrels and anything you like). In game example player can open container and collect items to his inventory.

Tutorial 3: Pickable Scripts.

This tutorial covers scripting pickable items. You can add action to pickable item and it will execute in game on specified event.

Tutorial 4: Trigger Scripts.

This tutorial covers scripting trigger objects. Similar like pickable items, but trigger objects have only one event that fires action: OnClick.

Tutorial 5: NPC Dialog.

Tutorial 5 shows you how to write dialog tree for selected NPC. Beside text, dialogs can also do Actions while you talk.

Tutorial 6: Monsters.

Tutorial 6 shows you how to add monsters to you map and how to change their attributes.

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January 21, 2010.

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