Web Dungeon

 Web Dungeon

 Project state: in development.
 Game genre : WebGL 3D online dungeon crawler..
 Instructions: QWEASD to move, mouse to click..

 Full 3D game that works in your browser without any plugin or installation required! Game is still in developement and demo level presents basic functionality like dungeon crawling, items, doors, pits, secret walls, niches, monsters and teleports. Explore sqarish dungeons, solve puzzles and fight monsters all free and easy to access! You need computer with moderate 3D graphics card and browser that supports WebGL, most of popular browsers do, just update to latest version.

Click here to enter dungeon...

If you like this game, feel free to donate. Your funding will be used to hire 2d and 3d artists, buy new quality models and textures, music and sounds, and improve overal quality of the game.


2013-11-29 00:31:05
pera: This is going to be fine game :)

2013-12-01 19:55:25
Makifull99: Great Game ;)

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