January 04, 2014.
Happy New Year! :)
We are happy to announce that new Web Dungeon level has been released! This is second test level that adds some new dungeon elements like plates, secret buttons, keys.. and completely new design and monster.

Too cute to smitten :(

November 28, 2013.
Web Dungeon demo has been released!
Full 3D game that works in your browser without any plugin or installation required! Game is still in developement and demo level presents basic functionality like dungeon crawling, items, doors, pits, secret walls, niches, monsters and teleports. Explore sqarish dungeons, solve puzzles and fight monsters all free and easy to access! You need computer with moderate 3D graphics card and browser that supports WebGL, most of popular browsers do, just update to latest version.

September 24, 2010.
Level Editor version 0.7 released! Monsters were added...
This version release introduces monsters in our game! New game example, attempt at Fallout 2 remake, demonstrate how monsters added with Level Editor can behave in one's game. Again complete source code is available for both Level Editor and Fallout 2 Game Example. Big thanks to greenya for making 3D models of Temple of Trials.

February 16, 2010.
Level Editor version 0.6 released! NPC Conversation was added...
Used for 3rd person RPG adventures, Level Editor is irrlicht based application for making game levels/maps. You click on objects from the list and just drop them on the map. Beside creating levels, this editor can make levels really come to life: chests can contain magic items, monsters will talk to you, pools will replentish your health and doors will lead you to new levels...

December 12, 2009.
Turtle Shepherd has been downloaded 10000 times. Yey!

March 12, 2009.
Turtle Shepherd mostly negative review at Indie Flux :)

January 23, 2009.
Turtle Shepherd got five stars and all clean awards on all download portals. Turtle Shepherd is safe to download
Download Safe Software

April 23, 2008.
Turtle Shepherd game is finished and free for downloading! Let us know how you like it.