Web content creation

Website design and development

The first step in the website creation is to identify the operating area, the website type (showcase, catalog, e-commerce), the nature of contents (text articles, photos, files) and how manage it all. It is essential to understand how often the site will be updated (for example, adding new items or products), the type of updates and if new entries will be managed by the customer itself or by our web agency.

Mystic Peanut projects

check out some of the things we've been involved with
Turtle Shepherd
Windows Turtle and Sheep kind of Game. Dwarfs too.
DirectX Windows Game 3D
Klang Farben Melodie
Klang Farben Melodi is app for composing little Songs - using colors.
HTML5 JavaScript CSS
Web Dungeon
3D Dungeon crawler Browser game
3D Game WebGL JavaScript HTML CSS Three.js