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International calling powered by PHP

Furniture Customization Demo
WebGL demo showcasing 3d model wrap up.

Simple math games for the little ones

Web Rails
Small demo for 3D trains in browser.

Even Android games need online level editor.

International language camps and schools

French medical insurance company

Turtle Shepherd
Windows Turtle and Sheep kind of Game. Dwarfs too.

WGN America
WGN channel original series

Lionel Trains
Legendary Lionel train toys for grownups

Workshops and articles for positive psychology

Klang Farben Melodie
Klang Farben Melodi is app for composing little Songs - using colors.

Web Dungeon
3D Dungeon crawler Browser game

Web Dominos
Arrange Dominos to make the longest streak..

Vue Quiz
Small quiz app made in Vue framework

Level Editor
Level editor for dungeon crawling games.