Turtle Shepherd


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Mindless shooter
DirectX_9 august_2005
 Download Game (~12MB)

Turtle Shepherd is small freeware arcade 3rd person mindless shooter. Tuki the Turtle has a difficult task of saving pluck of sheep from greedy treacherous ravaging shoemaking dwarfs. Dwarfs use sheep skin to make their smelly shoes) The Farmer has hired Tuki to be a shepherd. He'll pay good bucks if you manage to save his sheep. He'll give you one sheep to guard for starters. Press enter to shoot.

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Turtle Shepherd is our first DirectX game where we learned our first hard lessons in 3D game programming. Examples and learning material are sometimes really hard to find for free on the internet (check links section), so we decided to make this game opensource for all who might find it useful. It is not the best written code in DirectX, but it can be useful to beginners. Project is written in MSVisual2003, C++, DirectX9 SDK update_august_2005.

 What can you find in this source code?
 - How to handle keyboard and mouse events
 - How to change to/from FULLSCREEN mode
 - How to render transparent sprites and textures
 - How to use particles
 - How to play music, sounds, videos
 - How to load and render static models from x files
 - How to load and render and move animated skinned mesh x files
 - How to draw text on the screen
 - How to make skydome and moving clouds
 - How to load/save parameters from config file
 - How to write simple game specification

 What you will NOT find in here:
 - How to use pixel/vertex shaders
 - How to draw shadows
 - How to make collision detection
 - How to work with directX 10 API
 - How to use game script
 - How to optimize your code
 - How to organize large scale game


2011-08-04 18:47:05
pera bajic: I really like this game. But then again, I made it.

2011-08-04 21:27:24
goga i petra: lepo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-04-20 09:19:31
dirk: cool

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